Naomi Chihiro Triforce

5/30 is the last day to order anything from me, I will return Aug 1st. Any purchases will be returned.
Sega Parts
Naomi / Chihiro Type 1/ Triforce Type 1 Netboot Chip: 25.00
Overseas(more shipping)-

Chihiro Type 3/ Triforce Type 3 Netboot Chip: 25.00

Overseas(more shipping)-


Naomi Compact Flash Games: 25 each
(If you want multiple games contact me and I will send you an invoice) 
Contact me for a specific game you want. List is at the bottom of the page

Naomi / Chihiro / Triforce
NET DIMM BOARD updated to 4.02:  Contact me For price and availablity
  Out of Stock 
 Special on Prototype  CF adapter PCB: 20.00
 Blank PCBs for sale on a few in stock
     Build your own adapter cheaper
                includes parts list
 Compact Flash GD-ROM Drive(No Enclosure): 150.00
Includes any game Card listed below
 and security chip to run the system

This is a custom built Naomi / Chihiro / Triforce Compact Flash GD-ROM replacement drive. The kit will directly replace your GD-ROM drive.

I have different power methods as shown to connect to your system(Notify me when ordering so I know you need a power adapter cable). If you have a GD-ROM drive already setup then its an easy swap out to connect this replacement drive since the original GD-ROM power cord will plug directly into this adapter.

If you do not have a GD-ROM setup in your Naomi system and your current setup is a cartridge game, you can replace the cartridge with a NET DIMM board and then use this system.

PLEASE NOTE: YOU MUST HAVE A NET DIMM UPDATED TO 4.02 to use this drive. If you have a net dimm at 3.03 or higher then I can help you update your net dimm to 4.02 either by walking you through it by email, or you can send me your net dimm and I will update it for you for 15.00(return shipping). Please notify before I ship your kit if you are going to need my help updating your net dimm. I can send you all the files needed and the crossover cable needed to do so.

Guide on how to Update your Net DIMM to 4.02 - >

Chihiro and Triforce will not run this system due to the firmware needed. 

NAOMI1 Users must have a new BIOS version to run this setup. I can sell you an EPR-21577G(or any other region you want) BIOS chip for 10.00 extra. (Version D and E will not work, of any region). Naomi2's came out with newer BIOS files that can handle it fine.

Naomi Security Chip Replacement Service: 25.00 

(Missing a Security chip for your GD-ROM game, I can make a replacement for you)

Here is a List of Naomi CF Card Games I have for sale, each game is 25.00:
(This is under construction while adding images, all games listed are available even if there is no paypal button or picture yet, just email your list of games)
Shipping is 5.50 upto 20 Cards

Naomi 1
 18 Wheeler STD                                     
 18 Wheeler DX    

 Airline Pilot    
 Alien Front    
 Akatsuki Blitzkampf Auf Asche    
 Azumanga Daioh Puzzle Bobble    
 Border Down    
 Burning Casino    
 Capcom vs SNK 2 Millionaire 2 2001    

Capcom vs SNK Millenium 2000
or Capcom vs SNK Millenium 2000 Pro
(Let me know which version you want)
 Chaos Field    
 Cleopatra Fortune Plus    
 Confidential Mission    
 Cosmic Smash    
 Crazy Taxi    
 Dead or Alive 2 Millenium    
 Death Crimson OX    
 Dynamite Deka EX    
 Giant Gram All Japan Pro Wrestling
 In Nippon Budokan
 Giant Gram 2000 All Japan Pro Wrestling
 3 Brave Men Of Glory
 GigaWing 2    


Guilty Gear X
Contact Me if you have a working File!
 Non Working
Guilty Gear XX Accent Core    
Guilty Gear XX Reload    
Guilty Geat XX Slash    
Gunspike (Cannon Spike)    
Heavy Metal Geo Matrix    
Jambo Safari!    
Jingy Storm - The Arcade    
Kuru Kuru Chameleon    
La Keyboard XYU    
Lupin 3 - The Shooting
   Contact Me
Lupin 3 - The Typing    
Mamoru-Kun Wa Norowarete Shimatta    
Marvel vs Capcom 2    
Maze of the King    
Melty Blood Act Cadenza Rev A    
Melty Blood Act Cadenza Rev B    
Melty Blood Act Cadenza Rev B2    


(Illmatic Envelope )                                  
  Melty Blood Actress Again    
 Mobile Suit Gundam - Federation vs Zeon    
  Mobile Suit Gundam - Federation vs Zeon DX    
 Monkey Ball    
 Musapeys Choko Marker    
 Noukone Puzzle Takaron    
 Power Stone    
 Power Stone 2    
 Project Justice - Rival School 2    
 Psyvariar 2    
 Puyo Puyo DA
or Puyo Puyo Fever
(Let me know which version you want)
 Quiz Ah Megamisama    
 Radirgy Noir    
 Sega Marine Fishing    
 Sega Tetris Kiwamemichi    
 Sega Strike Fighter    
 Senko No Ronde
Also have a 512MB Version
 Senko No Ronde SP    
 Shikigami No Shiro 2    


 Shooting Love 2000 - Exzeal                       
 Spikers Battle    
 Sports Jam    
 Star Seeker    
 Street Fighter Zero 3 Upper    
 Super Shanghai 2005
or Super Shanghai 2005 Ver A
(Let me know which version you want)
The Typing of the Dead    
 Toy Fighter    
Trigger Heart Exelica    
 Under Defeat    
 Ushagui - Yamashiro Mahjong Hen    
 Virtua Athletics    
 Virtua Golf    
 Virtua NBA    
 Virtua Striker 2    
 Virtua Tennis    
Virtua Tennis 2    


 Waverunner GP                                          
 Zero Gunner 2    
 Zombie Revenge    

Naomi 2 

Beach Spikers
Club Kart European Session
Initial D Export
Initial D 2 Export
Initial D 3 Export
King Of Route 66
Virtua Fighter 4 ver C
Virtua Fighter 4 Evo
Virtua Fighter 4 Final Tuned
Virtua Striker 3

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