Security Chips, Eproms, High Score Save Kits

5/30 is the last day to order anything from me, I will return Aug 1st. Any purchases will be returned.
 Area51 / Maximum Force
Dual Layer PCB

25.00  In stock
 B.I.O Freaks U96   50.00  In stock 
 Blitz 2000 Gold U96   25.00  In stock 
 Gauntlet Legends U37   25.00  Out of stock 
 Gauntlet Dark Legacy U37   25.00  In stock 
 Mortal Kombat 3 U64    25.00 In stock 
 NFL Blitz / NBA Showtime Sporstation 3.0 U37   25.00  In stock 
 San Fransisco Rush 2049 SE   25.00  In stock 
 San Fransisco Rush Alcatraz Edition   25.00  In stock 
 Tenth Degree / Juko Threat U37   50.00  In stock 
Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3 U64 25.00 
    In stock
 War Final Assault U37
 In stock
 Naomi1 or Naomi 2
25.00 Contact me on which game you need a replacement security chip for.  

OutRun High Score Save Kit
 Naomi1 or Naomi 2 BIOS Eprom Any version/region needed: 20.00

 Specify which one you want in memo
 MK2 Challenger Eproms: 20.00
 UMK3 Juggernaut Upgrade/ Hack Eproms: 65.00
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